Our History

Our History

The building that now houses the Bedias Church of Christ was once the meeting place of the Mustang Prarie Church of Christ.

In early 1937, a group of people met in homes in the Mustang Prarie Community. They later rented a house to meet in. The congregation sat on split logs for benches. In 1937 they started collecting funds for a building. The land was donated by the Thomas family. They wanted the land to be used only to teach the gospel. The building was built with contributions and volunteer labor. The first meeting in the new building was in 1938. People from all around came. Many people were baptized each meeting time. Garvin and Odessa Morris were married in this building while it was located at Mustang Prarie.

During WW II many of the men of the congregation were in the service. After WW II most of the people had moved into the cities until there was no community at Mustang Prarie. The church building sat empty for many years.

During the summer of 1956, a group of church members in Bedias purchased the building, and a piece of land in Bedias were donated by Mrs. Mayes, who came to Bedias from Iola, and the building was moved to that present location. The building was renovated with volunteer help. The group known as the Bedias Church of Christ began meeting there in November 1956 in their own building. In January of 1957 the first wedding was performed in the building. Dorothy Roberson and Don Crowson were married there on January 25, 1957.

The church building built in 1938 at Mustang Prarie continues to be the meeting place of the Bedias Church of Christ, now located at 22058 Highway 90 N, Bedias Texas

We, who make up the present-day church of Christ here in Bedias, are humbled when we look back on the history of this group and are resolved to carry on the work that was started so long ago by these courageous and committed folks.