Let us Introduce Ourselves

We would like to introduce ourselves and invite you to visit with us. We are your friends and neighbors, the church of Christ in Bedias, Texas.

Location Details

22058 Highway 90 N Bedias, TX 77831

  • Sunday Bible Class @10am
    Sunday Worship @ 11am

  • 936-395-2004

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We welcome you to visit this Sunday…

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We are Only Human

We like to say when we’ve made a mistake or things did not work the way we intended: “Well, we are only human!” That idea makes us comfortable with the situation and even excuses us from trying to solve the problem again. What exactly do we mean when we say,” We are only human!”? Is there someone or something we know about that doesn’t make mistakes? Could it be some other creature like lions, tigers or bears, or maybe an…
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Troubles—Our Enemies or Friends

Someone once said: “Troubles are opportunities to grow, to make us better, not bitter. Rightly used, we can learn from them not to repeat our own mistakes. Once freed from them we are better equipped to solve our other life’s problems.” We are never comfortable when we are in the midst of our problems, and it is very hard to accept that we are going through them for our own good. It sometimes makes us think; “We don’t want that…
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Think Before You Leap

We sometimes admonish others to “look before you leap” when they share with us a plan to accomplish some new task. We really mean, “think about it.” Good advice; but it can be an expression of fear as we look back on some of our own efforts that did not work out well. And the thought may be right behind that: “you better not try that again”. So we stay defeated ourselves and try to influence our friends to “be…

The Times They are A-changin’

In 1964 Bob Dylan recorded a song about the times then, called “The Times they are A-changin’”. It was true then and certainly true today. Every day we hear about some new idea, medical procedure, technical invention, or some threat to our safety from some foreign power. The TV, newspapers and the internet makes sure that we hear about these things immediately. The Bible tells us that it is the Word of God and that God’s Word never changes. In…