I’m Bored

I’m Bored

Many young people and older people too say, “I’m bored”, indicating that there must always be entertainment to keep them occupied. There is a little poem called HOW TO BE HAPPY, by an unknown author that goes like this: “Are you almost disgusted with life, little man? I’ll tell you a  wonderful trick, That will bring you contentment, if anything can, Do something for somebody quick!”  Knowing that we have done a good deed for someone else, even in times of duress, gives us a sense of fulfillment that those who never think of others can comprehend.

However, we are a part of God’s creation and we have a right to be here. We sometimes hurry about, busying ourselves as if we had to earn a right to be here. A quote from DESIDERATA  says, “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.~ You are a child of God, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”

As we pause to think about all the good and perfect gifts that God, the Creator, has left at our disposal; things that we often take for granted, we should be grateful. Others around us are sometimes not as fortunate and can use a helping hand. Let us then always be aware of our own prosperity and the needs of our neighbors. Here is an attitude that will always keep us engaged in life and help us overcome boredom: “Enjoy the moment~ Praise God~ Be grateful~ show consideration and care for others.”

THAT’S IN THE BIBLE! See Matthew chapters 5 through 7 for details.


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